House with Floating Roof


This house, a detached, gable roof building on the southwest slope of Szarvashegy is designed for a family of 3-6. The specialty of the house is the pitched roof floating above a heavy monolithic mass, creating a significant difference between the ground and the first floor spaces.


The ground floor spaces, made from a traditional brick wall structure, open from each other and end in a direct garden connection – standing in the hallway you can see through the whole house and rest your eyes on the green outside. On the other hand, the top floor is about separation – the lightweight, wooden and glass structure creates well-lit spaces with exceptional views upon the surroundings. At the same time, these  spaces are separated from each other.


The ground floor consists of a kitchen, a living room, storage space under the staircase, a bathroom and a bedroom. The first floor has two bedrooms and another spacious bathroom. The upstairs bedroom balconies give access to the beautiful panorama of the Buda mountains. The bedroom on the ground floor – just as the living room – has a direct connection to the garden. The floor plan arrangement even makes it possible to use the house as a multi-generation home.


site: Szarvashegy, Szentendre, Hungary type: new building status: construction plans year: 2022 size: 98 m2 team: RJZS Architects + Viktória Szemes

Image credits: Gergely Horváth + RJZS Architects