The new hotel building continues the urban fabric of the historical city center of Eger and re-interprets local architectural traditions with its streetside positioning and facade rythm. The 1000 square meters of net usable area are divided between three floors. The entrance floor consists of a reception area and the staircase with the elevator; more importantly it creates a passage-like connection between the street and the historically significant back garden with the help of a traditional oak gate structure.


The guest rooms can be found on both the ground floor and the first floor. The ground floor rooms have direct connection to the back garden, whereas the first floor rooms have private terraces facing the same garden.


The asymmetric hallway inside the building is an important part of the floor plans; it allows the rooms to be differentiated both in size and in services. In addition, the rooms are connected to each other as well, this way they can flexibly serve various numbers of guests.


site: Eger, Hungary type: new building status: concept plan year: 2017 size: 1000 m2 team: Szilvia Beke-Tóth + András Beke + Judit Soltész

Image credits: Szilvia Beke-Tóth