Corvinus Dormitory


Our proposal for the competition to design a university dormitory in downtown Budapest is to place the building directly on the street. This way the courtyard receives enough daylight to become a well-lit  and flourishing garden.


The facade and the mass of the building both follow the existing streetscape with a playful lighting solution that is hidden from the street. From the street-side, the mass and the ledge of the roof both continue the neighbouring houses. From the courtyard side the roof is pulled back with a step-like gesture creating sunny roof terraces.


The material of the facades is a combination of ceramic materials: it consists of hollow clay Porotherm bricks and glazed ceramic coverage. The general floorplan arrangement is a double corridor system with light-shafts and service areas that are connected with see-through interior spaces.


The front of the building opens up towards the street offering various services. The entrance leads towards the courtyard garden, where dormitory dwellers can rest and enjoy sunlight and green foliage. The top floor of the building (with an exceptional view to Gellért Hill) has four apartments for visiting professors, and the lower floors have dormitory rooms and facilities for 250 students.


site: Czuczor street, Budapest, Hungary type: new building status: competition year: 2017 size: 8000 m2 team: Donát Rohonczi + RJZS Architects

Image credits: Donát Rohonczi + RJZS Architects